Hai Chix and Steak

This restaurant is easy to find.  Just right at the side of Promenade.  Ambiance was well lit.  It was cozy and a bit industrial. For the food, just like the name, they serve mostly Steak and Hainanese Chicken.  Here’s what we had:

-Porterhouse good for 3 for P3,250
Very tasty. The butter with it smelled and tasted so good. It was cooked medium rare and it’s just perfect. What I love most is the crispy bits on top. Just kinda like bacon but this one is much healthier. Rice was cooked with its own oil that is why their steak rice is also a must try.
-Hainanese Chicken Rice P280
Chicken was well cooked and was tender. Perfectly simmered to have that rich gingerly flavor.IMG_1989.JPG
-Manila Clams Pasta P270
I find this dish too oily but surprisingly it doesn’t have that strong clams flavor.
-Butter Garlic Shrimp P295
I am a Shrimp lover so this is one of my favorite. The fried garlic on top and olive oil added flavor to it which I find so delicious. The bread that comes with it is a perfect pair.
-Curry Laksa P220
This was hot and spicy. Noodles are cooked al dente and tofu was just yum.
-Ribeye Steak Paella P550
The smell makes you want to dig in right away. All that bell peppers and garlic and beans with the Rice just smelled so good when served.  The stripped Ribeye Steak on top was cooked medium rare as well. It’s so tender and the flavor is all throughout.
-Fish & Chips P295
I love this dish a lot. The batter tasted good with the fish. Dip it in butter sauce and you’re lost.
-Ribeye (good for 2) P2750
Just like Porterhouse, it has the same processed of cooking but the difference is just the part.  Still, the crispy bits was the bomb!
Ribeye and Porterhouse
-Chicken Sandwich P225
I was a bit surprised as the bread was burnt when it was served but according to the Chef, it was meant to be cooked that way as the burnt part adds that smokey Italian flavor.  This sandwich is good too.
– Hai Chix Adobo P340
This dish was cooked twice.  That is probably why this is so special.  At least for me. It was cooked the Hainanese way and then Adobo.  I liked this more than the traditional Hainanese Chicken.
-Apple Pie w/ Ice Cream P200
This Apple pie is addictive.  At first, it’s just a regular Apple pie but when the ice cream already melts, it seemed like another flavor of ice cream just came out of nowhere.
There’s regular Apple Pie without the Ice Cream too.
-Sansrival P150
The cashew. Yes the cashew! I love this Sansrival.  It’s not too sweet.  Just perfect!
Now be ready for their Lava cake as it will be released on the menu soon.
Overall, Hai Chix and Steak is highly recommended for that romantic date or even family and friends night out.  Order a glass of wine for only 200.
Address: Second Floor, 6 Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
Phone number: 02 2469069 ext:279
Opening hours: 12 noon to 3pm, 6pm to 11pm.

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