Kuya J serves good Filipino food with nice ambiance as well.  For this particular branch in Malate, I enjoyed their Roasted Chicken because it really is full of flavor. Pulled Pork Sisig wasn't that salty.  It tasted just right especially when paired with Rice. Followed by Tortang Talong with Cheese.  Highly addictive. They're actually very... Continue Reading →


Tokyo Tonteki offers a reasonable price for a Japanese food perfect for lunch out with family or even office-mates near Greenbelt area. Japanese food has a special place in my heart and in my tummy. I’m glad this place is near the office which we can go whenever we crave for something Tonteki. I was... Continue Reading →

If you’re craving for Filipino food with a twist, I highly suggest you dine at Neil’s Kitchen.  They offer our very own comfort food with a touch of art to make us all the more excited. The ambiance is industrial but very homey.  Books are also up for grab for you, bookworms. You can borrow... Continue Reading →

I super love their Frozen Yogurt.  Even without the toppings, it was heavenly.  It wasn't that creamy but sourly addicting.  I asked them what's the best seller and they said it was the Milk Chocolate and I gave it a try and it was indeed good. The Fruits of the Forest tasted just like Blueberry.... Continue Reading →

Moderne Filipino Food at its finest. Mesa offers innovative and stylized Filipino dishes and right now, if you're a Citibank Card holder, you get to have their meal set good for 4. Originally priced at 2,500, you will pay for only 1,750 php inclusive of VAT, service charges and locat taxes. The set meal includes:... Continue Reading →

Grill all you want! If you want great bonding with family or friends over dinner, Charaptor offers unlimited grill from fish, pork, beef, seafood, vegetables and chicken.   It's the grilling activity and the excitement of grilling aside from eating that I am so fond of. If you do not know what sauces to put... Continue Reading →

This little haven is located in Circuit, Makati. I super love the ambiance, relaxing and cozy. Perfect to have your morning cup of coffee or even on rainy days. We tried their Tiramisu and Mississippi Mud Pie.  Both cake tasted good however, I just find the cake frozen which made it a bit bland.  We... Continue Reading →

It’s my first time to visit Yo! Panda and I will say this is definitely not my last.  Yo! Panda offers Asian dishes with fusion from different cuisines.  As the logo, you can see an Afro Panda with eyeglasses and chopsticks on its hair. It’s a hip Panda that tries to capture the hearts of... Continue Reading →

A hidden gem in Westgate Center, Alabang. Tu's offers comfort food great to share with family and friends. From Pot Pie’s to Salad, to Steak, everything we had was spectacular in taste and in style. For the ambiance, wooden decor was really an eye-candy. The chopped woods as a wall made the place relaxing. Even... Continue Reading →

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